Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Our family is BIG fans of The Buddies movie series.  We have each on DVD:  Space Buddies, Snow Buddies, Air Buddies, and Santa Buddies.  We love to have family movie night and enjoy pupcorn and watch the movies with the hoo-mans. 

Watching the movies as much as we have, we have begun to realize how much The Buddy Pack has in common with The Love Shack Pack. 

Don't believe us?  See for yourselves!

First up, we have Budderball.   Budderball is a firm believer that: "A fellow can’t fight evil on an empty stomach.”  Actually he believes a balanced diet of most anything in sight is needed for all of life's situations. 

I'm sure after seeing the NDS blog, y'all are thinking that I'm the most like Budderball.  I hate to disappoint, but the honor actually goes to the one, the only: KUDZU!  Mom says because Zu-Dude was not fed on a regular schedule before coming to live with us, he's a pig.  However, with Zu only having three legs, we have to be extra diligent with his dietary needs.  Should he get too big, it would put too much stress on his remaining front leg.  So as much as Zu-Dude likes to pig-out, mom doesn't let him.

Our fearless matriarch, Scarlet, best matches wits to the buddies' Buddha.  Always calm.  Always wise.  And always in control.  Scarlet and Buddha even share the same philosophy on life, love, and the reason for living:  "Be One With The Ball".

Always a crowd pleaser is the buddies' fashionable Rose Bud.  And in keeping with The Buddy's standard - so is our fabulous Miz. Rose Bud.

Both Rose Bud's believe PINK is the answer to all life's questions and “You’re too extraordinary to be ordinary.”

Not at all conceited, just very convinced is the next Buddy, B-Dawg. 

I am sure that you are all again thinking that I must surely be B-Dawg's Love Shack Twin being as cool as I am and all.  Alas, the title goes to my big, bro Cosmo.

Like B-Dawg, Cosmo loves playing ball and blinging out, dawgs!

Who's left?  Oh yeah, me and my Buddy clone.

Who am I most like, you wonder???? 

Drum Roll please.


No explanation is needed. 

I leave you with the proof positive picture:



  1. Our favorite movie is "Lassie Come Home," but then we are Collies. BOL.

    Essex & Sherman

  2. LOL very cute! Isn't mud a beauty treatment?

    the 2 brown dawgs

  3. Ha ha! You are all so darn cute! You should star in a movie :)

  4. I think you guys should start your own video series. You are each such characters .

    Puppy kisses,

  5. You should have your own show on animal planet. I would be your #1 fan.

  6. The little bipeds here all love those movies. Mom says she is going to have to show them this awesome post. And of course, Ciara says you saved the best for last - she thinks being the Mud Bud is fabulous.

    Great post.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning