Monday, June 6, 2011

The Difference a Few Weeks Makes and a Question from Mom



So mom says I've gotten a little bigger. What do you think?

And Now ...

A Note from Mom -
When we brought Boondocks home towards the end of April, the thought never occurred to me that we'd be bringing home another puppy within a months time.  I started this blog as Boondocks (as opposed to one of his older siblings) so that it would begin with the beginning of his story rather than jumping into the middle of one of the other dogs tales.  So now that we have Kudzu, I'm unsure whether to leave the blog intact as is with Boondocks telling the story or split it between the two of them and write from each of their perspectives (Boondocks is a whimsical pup and Kudzu is an old, wise soul).  Since you are the one reading the blog, I thought your opinion is the one that matters most.  Please leave a comment sharing your preference!  Thanks so much for loving my pups with me!  - Mom


  1. You could always just use your own voice to share their exploits. That way you wouldn't have to switch between the two.

  2. I think it would be interesting to see things from each point of view... They do have very different personalities....

  3. Split it. WE can keep up and since they both have such different points of view, I personally would love to hear from each of them.


  4. I echo what Sugar said and the others too!!

  5. Growing so quickly! Car rides are getting more fun I'm sure. Writing from both perspectives I think would be even more interesting. Keep it simple...pups will keep you busy enough! :)
    Just Ramblin'

  6. Augie and Ti share a blog--it works! :)