Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Only Child? Not Hardly!

Now what fun would it be if there was nothing but a couple of old folks around here for me to hang with.  My family consists of:  six humans - Mom and Dad and their four little people, six dogs including myself - four goldens and two "morkies" (whatever that is!), and three cats - I see no point in them but they do provide me with a bit of entertainment when I'm feeling especially mischievious! 

I make these guys look good!

(Back row: Cosmo, Isaac, Jaden, Dacey, Rose Bud.  In the wagon: Connor and me.  Front: Scarlet - mom calls her the one that started it all!)


  1. Where is 'everbody' else?

    Wanna see a pic of the WHOLE brood! Oh and can I be there to watch you get that together? Bwahhhh! LOL!

  2. Nice to meet new friends. Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to reading your adventures.