Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Boon is Back!

It's been a while, dog.  When we lost our Kudzu a couple of years ago, it kind of zapped our creative writing abilities.  So much has changed since then; so I've decided to make a come-back!

Do you remember me?  Boondocks?  I was a gift to mom for Mother's Day a few years ago.  I live with her, Dad, four human children, three cats, four other Golden Retrievers, a dog with a heart of gold but not quite a golden retriever, and a Sheltie named Ace.  We live at The Love Shack.  

Here's a picture of us from way back then:

The little one in the wagon?  Yep, that's me then.
And here's part of the family now:
See the big one in the middle.  Yep, that's me now!
Along with Scarlet, Cosmo, and Rose Bud (pictured in top photo) we have added to the pack  - Angel (my annoying lil sister), Krypto (a rescue pup we bottled raised), and now Ace (the Sheltie).  

I have lots, lots more to share, but for today, I just wanted wanted to say "hi".  I hope all my doggie friends are still around.  I look forward to getting to sniff you all soon!!  



  1. It's been so long since we saw a post from you and just stumbled across this tonight as we were looking through photos and saw the graphic of your Kudzu and Pixie. We hope you are still doing well.