Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting Back in the Groove

So much to tell but where to begin...

First off, Christmas was WONDERFUL!  The human children got momma a bed for me for Christmas!  Mom was absolutely delighted with the one they chose and humored that they knew "just" what she wanted.  And to top it off... it worked out really good for me!  I heart my bed!

Then there was the day that mom and dad had a brush with the law.  For whatever reason, I was left behind and Scarlet and Kudzu were taken to our favorite swim hole five miles from our house.  It's where we always go (90% of the pictures of us doggies near water were taken there).  As normal for such an outing mom had a throw toy tossing it into the lake for Scarlet and Kudzu to retrieve.  Since there were NO OTHER HUMANS ANYWHERE around, mom had no problem allowing them to roam freely.  And they were having a blast.




But then... <cue dramatic music: duh duh dum>... a park ranger appeared.  Apparently having watched too much NCIS, he identified himself as "a federal offiicer with the national park service".  He immediately asked where the dogs leashes were.  Dad was holding one in his hand, and quickly attached it to Kudzu, and told the officer the other one was laying on the picnic table where they'd eaten lunch.  Obviously not taking dad at his word (oh the nerve), he instructed dad to "show him".  Once there he took dad's driver's license and disappeared for a bit.  When he came back he informed them that the dogs being off leash is a punishable offense with a $75 fine.  Mom insisted that we come here all the time and had never seen anything posted stating such a silly thing.  He told her the sign was hanging on the bathroom wall... well, mom has never, not once, used that bathroom.  So how was she to know.  Fortunately he let us off with a warning, but now we have to find somewhere else to go swimming.  And mom is all spit-fired wanting better legislation and rules for dogs who have passed their canine good citizen test.  Scarlet and Kudzu were under vocal command the entire time and posed no threat... and again, no one else was around to be disturbed!  And now thinking back on it, it was probably a good call that I was left home that day.  I'm sure I'd have greeted him with a famous Boondocks Bear Hug!  (They're my specialty!)

Mom and Dad also finished off Southern Jewel's bedroom makeover that was her Christmas present.  A play gate has been placed at Jewel's bedroom door, and we doggies are no longer allowed inside.  What good is a bedroom without a dog??  But mom is strict since so much work went into designing the perfect teen lounge.  And mom is now boasting "interior designer" on her continually growing list of accomplishments.  Mom loves how this room turned out so much now she is raring to go redoing hers and dad's bedroom.  She promises it will remain dog friendly though!

And now for the bad news - I'm guessing mom hasn't let me tell y'all about this because to actually write it out makes it more real somehow.  Our darling, Scarlet has begun having seizures.  The first one was maybe six weeks ago, the second one two weeks ago, and then again the following day.  We're pretty sure she had one while we were gone on Christmas Eve because of the amount of drool on her bed when we returned.  Dad took her to the vet to be checked and all of her blood work came back normal.  The vet said when she begins having them daily, we'll start a treatment.  We're hoping that day doesn't come for a long time, but there are other symptoms that has mom worried about her.  Scarlet is only seven and we hope for at least seven more good years with her.  She is after all GOLDEN and irreplaceable. Please say a prayer for her.


And now that we have crammed a weeks worth of blogs into one sitting, we bid you ado.  But come back tomorrow to hear about what happens when a doggie stands too close to fire!!  <wink>



  1. Thank you for sharing your family goings on, and how you love that area where you can swim. That law would make me upset too! Dogs on leash when you guys are so good.
    I hope Scarlet will be well.

  2. That's a lot of news to share, Boondocks. Those park rangers don't have much to do with their time. Maybe they should spend more time on the litterers and those who don't tend to their campfires well or who leave cigarettes smoldering and start big fires. We think you need to start a petition to give you a spot there for off leash fun.

    We hope Scarlet will be OK. Mom says she is sure your Mom is doing this, but it is good to keep a log of all the factors going on in Scarlet's life when she has a seizure. If she has to go on medication for the seizures, we know many dogs do very well once the dosing is determined. Paws crossed for that sweet girl.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. What a jerk officer! We are so sorry to hear about Scarlet. Our Brodie has epilepsy. In fact, he is head to the epilepsy awareness club here in blogville. We nedd to have a meeting.... it has been a while.


  4. Oh hey we just read a post about your young two leggers being home schooled! That is great! My mommy and her bro and sis were homeschooled!! Even though she is in college now she says that her heart belongs to homeschooling and one day she will, hopefully, have many two leggers of her own and will homeschool them!! That is just great! Do you use a particular program? For a while Nani put mom in a program called Seaton. But it didn't work out so well and they went back to creating their own curriculum.

    Mommy hated math! And when she would read the word problems she would get so bored. Nani had the idea of creating problems to solve in which us dogs were in them! And then Mommy loved math!! If people assigned problems that dogs were in, kids would love math! BOL!

  5. Sorry about your run in with the park officer. Sure hope Scarlet will be OK. That must be very scary.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. You might have to have future swims there on a very long (30 plus foot) leash unless there is a law about leash length! My human agrees that there should be places where dogs (under voice control) can run free.

    We hope Scarlett has many more good years, before she needs regular medication.

    Love and woofs,

  7. Will definitely be saying a prayer for dear Scarlett. Hope it nothing serious.

  8. Prayers are on the way for Scarlet from two Goldens in NC.

    I love the new room! Do you guys get to take down the decorations in jammies?

    So angry about Mr. REALLY Important Officer of the Law! That is so stupid when dogs are well trained and people are few. That guy has too much time on his hands.

  9. Sorry about your run in with the park officer. Sounds like he has noting better to do. You can come simming with me and my friends anytime! I sre hope Scarlet will be OK.

  10. Hi Boon, I'm so glad your mom and dad didn't get a fine for having loose pups at the lake but really what was he thinking-probably that he'd like his pet to run free. I'm sorry about Scarlet's seizure, our Reggie has had them on and off but he is 13. Hope you have a wonderful New Years and coming year.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie

  11. We're sure sorry to hear about Scarlet! We hope those seizures just GO AWAY!
    Also... maybe dogs have been banned from that bedroom, but I think I see a zebra in there!
    Play bows,

  12. I am keeping Scarlet in my prayers!

    Happy New Year!

    Wags N Kisses,

  13. Awe poor Scarlett. Canine epilepsy is something they really need to do more research on.

    Love the new teen lounge. We wouldn't want to leave it if we were a teen and that was our room. Maybe that is the real reason that no dawgs are allowed. :)

    Those mean Feds. :( Did the sign say 6 foot leash? We know a lot of people who put a short (maybe a foot or so), lead on their dogs if the signs are not specific on length. ;)

    the 2 brown dawgs