Friday, June 10, 2011

Meet Scarlet

Have you noticed the tabs linking to our stand alone pages at the top of the page?  Well, they each are set up to introduce you to the rest of our canine family.  We thought that we'd devote a little blog time to the rest of the gang over the next few weeks.  Today we start with SCARLET. 

Well, this is my oldest sister, Miss. Scarlet. She celebrated her 7th birthday April 1st. Mom says, "She's the one that started it all." Meaning, of course, that my human family's love of Golden Retrievers began the day Miss. Scarlet entered their lives. (This picture is of that very day. She was a cute puppy, huh?)

Mom and Dad were not well educated dog people when they purchased Scarlet. Not knowing a difference, they got her from a "back-yard breeder". Health problems robbed Scarlet of her puppy-hood, and she had more than one illness leaving the vet shaking his head saying he didn't know how she'd survived it.

Scarlet became all heart through her health issues. Mom knew she was destined to be a therapy dog and started visiting nursing homes, libraries, and schools with Scarlet before her first birthday. She was a natural and loved the attention.

After breezing through her CGC testing, Scarlet tested for her TDI certification. She tested with mom, dad, and their daughter all in the same day and passed with each person!
Scarlet claims Dad as her human.  If he's nearby, she only has eyes for him.  Mom often refers to Scarlet as "the other woman".  It's amusing watching them compete for Dad's attention
Scarlet works as a Tail Waggin' Tutor at an elementary school and library and visits nursing homes and hospitals.  She also works with our Mom teaching youth about responsible dog ownership and bite prevention.
Scarlet doesn't seem to care much for the antics of us young pups.  She spends a lot of time patiently ignoring us.  We love her though and want to be just like her when we grow up!
We look forward to many more years with our Golden Matriarch, Miss. Scarlet.

Boondocks and Kudzu


  1. Oh my goodess that is the cutest picture of her as a pup!

  2. She's adorable!! Thanks for sharing her story with us!

    Happy Friday woofs & hugs,


  3. What a great idea, Boondocks - this is a really nice way for us newbies to your blog to learn more about each of you. Miss Scarlet is very beautiful. Her beginnings sound a lot like our Dakota, also from a "backyard breeder", some health issues as a pup, and definitely Daddy's girl.

    We look forward to meeting more of your furamily.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. She sure was a cutie! Great story about her. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great pup! Scarlet seems to have a very compassionate heart. Miss Stella wants to be a therapy dog too one day.
    Just Ramblin'

  6. Hey Boondocks!
    Wow, your Scarlet started off adorable and grew up gorgeous!! She's lovely and obviously a very special helper to peeps. Thanks for the intro to your sweet pack member.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  7. What a treasure Scarlet is!!! How lucky she is to be part of your family and to be a Golden that is truly making a difference!!

  8. So cute, greeting from Louisette+2 golden Zitablue du Bosquet Mignon+ Primrose's Dream Cerise

  9. Have a nice week end with dogs

  10. Love that she does theraphy with kids. I'd like to be like Scarlett when I grow up too.

  11. Oh Scarlett - such a beauty! We look forward to meeting the whole crew :)

  12. Scarlett is beautiful. How wonderful that she is a working therapy dog.

  13. Scarlet is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing her story! So nice to learn more about all of you!

    Thor and Jack

  14. Miss Scarlet is absolutely gorgeous!