Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Part of the family

We are often asked if our dogs are house dogs or yard dogs. Our pets are not just part of our ministry, they are part of our daily family life.

Scarlet (on the far right) usually sleeps at the foot of the bed with my husband and me. Cosmo (first on the left) sleeps with his human - our seven year old son, Isaac. Rose Bud and Pillow are still being house broken and they sleep comfortably in their crates.

During the day the dogs are in and out of the house as needed. Often when we leave the house - even just to run to the grocery store - one or more of the pups tags along for the ride (as the weather permits).

Since we home school, the kids get to keep their dogs with them while they are completing their assignments. The puppies have to be kept on a leash so that any discipline issue can be quickly corrected. It also helps with house-breaking to know who did what, where, and when. My son, Isaac, does a lot better on his work when Cosmo is by his side. I'm convinced that Cosmo gives Isaac the answers sometimes, but whatever works! lol

Dacey often refers to Rose Bud as her baby. She carries her in her arms more than she allows the pup to walk.... even now that the Rose Bud is half of Dacey's body weight!

Our dogs are much loved members of our family, and it is an honor to share the joy that they bring us with others.


  1. Wonderful pictures of my grandbabies and granddogs! Where is the grandson and the grandkitten?

  2. just found your blog thru .... ??? anyway, love it! we are moving out of campus apts this may when hubby graduates and i can't wait to get another dog. we have had dogs off and on (mostly on) for our 25 yrs of marriage and i miss them so much when we don't have them.

    how do i get involoved in therapy as ministry? love the concept.